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18-Wheeler Hits Car Then Overturns


Added to a series of accidents involving tractor-trailers nationwide this year, a tractor-trailer hits a car before it overturns. Local authorities near Shreveport, LA, are in the process of cleaning up a two-vehicle collision involving a tractor-trailer and a car.

This accident occurred on southbound I-49 about 1a.m. Sunday. It began with the driver of the tractor-trailer becoming distracted while reaching for a bag of potato chips. While reaching for these chips, he allowed the truck to veer into the lane to his left. By the time the driver realized what had happened, he attempted to correct his path but in so doing, he wiped out the vehicle that was in the left lane. It was at this point that both vehicles overturned after leaving the roadway. Accidents like this are unusual in Manhattan and Long Island.

First responders arrived at the accident scene within minutes, rerouted traffic as necessary, and attended to the injured. Both the driver of the tractor-trailer and the driver of the car received life-threatening injuries. The car driver was stabilized for transport, airlifted from the accident scene, and taken to LSU Medical Center, where she remains in intensive care (ICU) in critical condition.

The tractor-trailer driver was also stabilized at the scene for transport and taken to Willis-Knighton South Hospital. However, due to the nature of his injuries, he was transferred to LSU Medical Center, where he remains in ICU in serious condition.

Clean up of the accident scene was expected to be completed in about four or five hours, the Lawyer was informed by local authorities. It took two heavy-duty wreckers to upright the tractor-trailer. The condition of both vehicles left a few questions of how either driver had survived the crash. While the car was totaled, parts of the truck were scattered for several yards in different directions and the truck cab was in scattered pieces. The rapid response of the police, fire and ambulance personnel as well as their ongoing training and commitment are credited with saving these drivers’ lives.

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