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In January, a tour bus filled with high school students was travelling down the highway returning from an Honor’s Choir concert at the University of North Dakota. An accident ahead forced the bus to slow down.

The wreck was severe. According to a witness, the scene didn’t look like anyone could have survived.

As the students peered out at the wreckage, a senior boy recognized his father’s car.
“None of us wanted to believe that someone we knew was in that car,” a sophomore girl said. “Once we found out it was [one of our dads], there was just a gut feeling of hopelessness.”

The boy’s father had apparently lost control of his vehicle and slid into the path of an oncoming semi-truck. The driver’s side of the vehicle sustained the majority of the damage.
Well-known throughout the community and school system, the senior’s father has endured four surgeries after suffering 10 broken ribs, a collapsed lung, a bruised spleen and a fractured left arm, a witness reported.

He has not fully regained the use of his left arm, yet. This act is crucial for the man because one of his greatest passions is playing the cello. The boy admits that it’s hard to think about his dad never playing again. “His job, his career, his life, is up in limbo right now.”
The family has tried to remain optimistic during their long journey which has included long hours at hospitals and drives to the Mayo Clinic. The experience has given the senior and his family an opportunity to think about their priorities. “It has put a lot more into perspective recently,” he said.

“We have received so much support. It is absolutely wonderful. The prayers, thoughts, donations, gifts, food and just general love have meant so much. It makes me happy to know that people do care,” the high school senior said. “A lot of people care about him, and it makes him feel good to know that a ton of people are rooting for him.”

Long Island and Westchester have seen similar wrecks.
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The driver of a semi-truck from Buffalo, Minnesota, was charged with causing a multiple-vehicle crash last May that resulted in the death of two people and an unborn child. The crash that happened in Lakeville, Minnesota, also released millions of bees on Interstate 35.
The bees severely hindered rescue efforts.

The Dakota County grand jury indicted the 37-year-old driver on charges of three counts of criminal vehicular homicide and one count of careless driving.

Near the end of last month, two cars were stopped in traffic on the I-35 behind a tractor trailer carrying dozens of crates of live bees – about 30 million in all. Another semi, driven by the 37-year-old, was approaching at about 68 mph from behind them. Without heeding the warning signs foretelling of a lane closure, the driver did not slow down. He smashed into both cars.

The millions of bees were released in the impact.

Thousands of people in the U.S. are severely allergic to bees. Even though there were no reports of allergic reactions, it was still a sight to behold all those bees escaping the trailer. A person’s natural reaction to thousands of insects – that have been recently jarred and are confused and more likely to sting you – is to stay away.

So, when rescue personnel responded, the bees hindered their progress severely. The bee truck driver handed out protective suits to help their efforts.

Both adult female drivers died as well as one unborn child, conceived just 8 weeks prior.
At the stop, one woman had called her husband to tell him she appreciated that the air conditioning was working in the car again. Her husband reported hearing static on the phone and assumes it was likely the moment when his wife was crushed to death.

The indicted truck driver told the State Patrol that he had been sidetracked at the time of the accident. He had been reaching toward the floor for an energy drink and couldn’t stop his truck in time when he looked up. The investigation also revealed that he was driving without his required corrective lenses.

A study don in Manhattan, NYC reveals that “tragedies like this can happen in seconds at freeway speeds when drivers are not paying close attention to the surrounding traffic and highway warning signs.”
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The driver of a semi-truck narrowly missed crashing into a home that sits at the intersection of US 68 and US 62 on Saturday morning.

Authorities in Nassau and Suffolk believe the semi driver may have fallen asleep at the wheel causing the major accident on Saturday morning. Around 5 a.m., an 18-wheel semi from the company named Frontier rand the stop sign at the intersection. He barely missed hitting two homes.
The owner of the home said a Frontier claim adjuster told her that the truck driver had fallen asleep at the wheel right before the accident.

The truck struck a stone wall and clipped the resident’s porch, which threw debris onto a neighbor’s home. She’s not sure how much it will cost to fix the damage, and is waiting for an inspector to tell her if any other damage was done to her home’s foundation.

Unfortunately, a source says that this is not the first accident involving that home and a big rig. Five years ago, a semi actually entered her home. Then, three walls and the chimney were destroyed. The semi crashed through one end of her home and was stopped only by the home next door.

When she moved into the home in 1988, she had heard that there had been several other collisions at the address previously.

She says, “We need a stoplight there, and we need flashing lights down US68 to let people know there’s a stop ahead.”

It’s curious the way roads are sometimes constructed – and the way houses are sometimes constructed right next to them. They are in particular danger during times of extreme weather conditions. The ease of missing a stop sign on an icy night or being unobservant in a rain storm and careening into a home sitting next to a roadway is inarguable.

Lawyers see cases like these often. From city to country, when property is damaged, citizens seek reparations. And a professional lawyer, up-to-date on current legislation is able to get that reparation for you.
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A woman who got out of her car was struck by a Semi-Truck on Interstate 75 on Wednesday. Police were quickly called to the scene to investigate exactly what happened to cause the accident.

The woman was rushed to hospital, explained the police. She was said to be in critical but stable condition. The truck accident happened around one mile from Exit 350 of highway I75 on the northbound carriageway.

The injured woman is 38 years old and needed emergency medical treatment to stabilize her condition.

It is thought that the woman’s car broke down and was blocking the highway explained the witness. She remained with the car until the police arrived. Highway patrol troopers managed to pull the car into the emergency lane at about 9am, the police then got the driver out of the car. The driver was clearly confused and stepped over the white lane marker on the highway.

At exactly this point the semi-truck hit the woman. The driver of the semi did try to avoid the accident by slowing down and moving left, however, it was not possible for the truck driver to avoid hitting the woman.

The semi-truck driver is 64 years old and drives a truck regularly. The driver explained that he left Kissimmee and was heading towards Valdosta. It was also explained that the truck was completely empty.

The Queens driver of the truck was traveling down the outside lane of the interstate and noticed that there was a woman who was standing near to the road. It looked like the lady was about to step out in front of the truck which is why the driver tried to swerve and move out of the way.
The driver was unable to move over in time because there was already something in the middle lane, noted the report. The passenger traveling in the truck told him to watch out, but nothing could be done because it all happened too quickly. When the truck finally managed to stop, the woman was seen lying on the road.

The Staten Island woman was unconscious but did briefly become conscious again before falling back into unconsciousness. At 10:15 am, the authorities shut down all of the northbound lanes of traffic. This was to allow a helicopter to land which flew the injured woman to hospital.
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The driver of a semithat overturned in Miller County, Georgia, is in jail on drunk driving charges. The truck he was driving caught fire after it overturned.

Responding police say both the driver and passenger in the semi got out of the vehicle safely.
Police and firefighters responded to the emergency vehicle accident report. They were on the scene all through the night Saturday and into the afternoon on Sunday.

The truck had gone off the road near the yard of a residential home. It careened a few houses down and crashed into a ditch.

Neighbors reported hearing what sounded like an explosion when the front of tractor went up in flames. “I heard the booms, and it sounded like it was exploding in my house,” a neighbor exclaimed.

When the noise woke her up, another neighbor ran out into her yard and called 911 after she saw flames shooting from the semi’s trailer. “The awareness of the citizens and their later helpfulness is probably one of the primary reasons more damage wasn’t done. They are to be applauded,” a witness from Manhattan says.

Grass near the homes caught on fire. Upon investigation, fuel marks showed that flames had reached within feet of a home with a family inside.

The sight daunted some of the neighbors who witnessed the burning. “It looked like the flames were on the porch,” said one.

Those close by used their garden hoses to contain the flames until firefighters arrived. Firefighters had to cut off the top of the trailer to extinguish the fire.

A rep applauds the neighbors for working together to help one another escape serious property loss.

Rescue crews worked more than 16 hours attempting to remove the wreckage.

According to police, the truck was hauling home goods and other items at the time of the crash.

The truck driver was an employee with Wiley Sanders Truck Line out of Troy, Alabama and Long Island. The company did not comment on the wreck or its employee.

The DUI-charged driver is being held at the Miller County Jail.

The passenger in the semi-truck at the time of the accident said she was asleep when they wrecked. She was treated for minor injuries and released from the hospital.
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The truck accident required the road to be shut for several hours while the emergency services were trying to rescue the people involved in the accident. The road also remained closed while the investigators were trying to identify the actual cause of the crash.

The police have not currently released the name of the man who died in the accident. This is thought to be to allow the man’s family to be notified.

The Brooklyn driver was driving on the northbound carriage way. Eye witness reports have said that he was driving erratically. Members of the Maine Department Transportation said that they had to swerve to avoid hitting the vehicle. He had his head down and was traveling in the wrong lane, observed the witness.

This led police to believe that the driver might have been texting on his phone. However, no cell phone has been recovered from the vehicle. It has also been suggested that the driver was suffering from an illness but this has not yet been proved.

The semi-truck approached the car and this caused it to swerve right out of the way into the emergency breakdown lane. The truck did everything it could to avoid hitting the SUV. However, at the same time as doing this, the driver lifted his head and corrected his path.
This caused both vehicles to hit one another which resulted in the death of one man. The accident happened close to the intersection with Route 52 at around 3 o’clock in the afternoon.

Fortunately neither of the vehicles had any passengers inside. If they did then the accident could have been much more serious.

The Bronx driver was transported to a nearby hospital by ambulance. The police also closed down both lanes and directed traffic around the incident.

The driver of the semi-truck did not sustain any serious injuries. However, he is currently being checked by the hospital to ensure that doesn’t have any internal injuries.

As the exact cause of the accident still remains unclear, the police are reconstructing everything that happened before the crash and the investigation is currently ongoing.
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A semi-truck carrying a large quantity of explosives on Staten Island was involved in an accident on Wednesday. This caused a lot of concern to other motorists using the road due to the danger of the explosives exploding.

The truck accident occurred on Interstate 40, claims a witness. According to the police report, the truck was carrying explosives for the military which raises concerns about how these are transported around the country .
Military officials visited Queens to investigate the accident and find out exactly how something like this could happen. The semi-truck was carrying explosives from an ammunition plant to a warehouse where they would be stored until needed.

The authorities needed to block a large section of Interstate 40 while the accident was cleared. The Interstate remained blocked for longer than normal. This is thought to be because of the added danger of the explosives which were being transported at the time of the accident.
The police discovered that because explosives were involved, specialist teams from the military were needed to make the truck and its cargo safe before it could be moved off the road.

Only minor injuries were sustained as a result of the accident. Fortunately nobody was seriously hurt, and the explosives did not detonate. Also there were no evacuations ordered which shows that the military were confident in their ability to contain and deal with the explosives.

The highway patrol investigated the crash and determined that the explosives were undamaged by the crash. If the explosives were damaged then this could have been much worse. The truck was moved from the highway at around 3 PM and the road was opened shortly after this.

The military assure the public that although this accident involved explosives, there was no real threat to the public. The police and military worked together to ensure that the explosives were treated properly and that they did not risk any explosion.

The truck was owned by a private company contracted by the military. Perhaps this will change the way that explosives are transported from base to base.
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A driver was hit by a semi-truck while she travelled along interstate 75. The truck accident occurred on Wednesday at 9 am. The woman is said to be in a critical, but stable condition, explains the witness.

The driver of the car stopped the car in the emergency lane close to the State Road 200 exit. It is thought that she was experiencing car trouble and had no choice other than to stop. The driver got out of her car and stepped into the outside lane. This was when the semi-truck hit her.

The semi-truck driver attempted to slow down, but as he was too close when she stepped out this wasn’t possible. The report states that the truck driver did everything he possibly could have done to try and avoid hitting the lady.

The Driver explained that he saw the lady move into the lane and turned her back to him, so he tried to slow down. The middle lane was blocked; otherwise he would have moved over and prevented the accident. The lady was clipped by the right-hand front corner of the truck. The truck driver stopped as soon as possible and phoned the emergency services.

When the emergency services arrived on the scene the first thing to do was stabilize the condition of the woman. First aid was administered to ensure that no lasting damage affected the lady as a result of the truck accident.

The lady was in critical condition and so was airlifted straight to the University Of Florida Hospital. She is however in stable condition and is expected to make a full recovery. She requires further treatment but should be allowed out of hospital sometime this week.
The police investigated the scene and say that her vehicle seemed to be ok. However, her gas cap was open. It is thought that the driver may have stopped when she realized she did not close the gas cap in order to close it.

It’s important to realize how dangerous highways in Westchester can be if they are not treated with respect. Cars are traveling very quickly on these roads and simply aren’t able to slow down or stop in time. New York City has no highways like this.
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A station has received a police report detailing a crash which involved ten cars and two semi-trucks. The accident occurred at around mid-day on Thursday on Highway 41.

The crash was very serious and has left one woman in a serious condition. She is being treated at Neenah hospital. Three other drivers needed treatment, but as their injuries were less serious they could be treated at closer hospitals.

This is a very big crash and finding out what actually caused it will be difficult, explains the Lawyer. The highway remained closed until around 6 PM while investigators worked to study the evidence and try and identify the cause of the accident. It also took a long time for the recovery team to tow the damaged vehicles out of the way.

Thee local police department will need to carefully inspect every single clue that they found. It may be possible to use these to tell a story about how the accident actually happened.
The police department reported that the task ahead of them is actually very difficult. While they have sophisticated computer software capable of doing various calculations, it still needs lots of man-hours. The team will need to take accurate measurements, and then the software will help to estimate where the cars started which should hopefully show the cause of the accident.

The first thing that the police did was to interview any of the people involved in the truck accident. They sit down calmly with every driver and try to find out what happened from their point of view. This won’t always be particularly useful because they have just suffered a major shock. However, normally this yields some very valuable evidence which can be helpful. They will also interview eyewitnesses that might have seen the crash, but weren’t actually involved in it.
Investigating this accident will take a long time because 12 vehicles were involved. This means that the crash investigators will need to take lots more measurements than normal and feed all of these into the computer.
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A woman driving her car was involved in a serious traffic accident which left her needing medical treatment, explained a witness. The accident happened because she slammed into the rear of a semi-truck which was close to a construction site. The accident occurred on Thursday morning.

The woman sustained injuries which are not thought to be serious. However, she still required hospital treatment and was taken to the local hospital once the emergency services arrived.
Police told the reporter that the woman would be given a ticket for not slowing down in order to avoid the accident when she is released from hospital.

The accident happened on Interstate 74 in Nassau and Suffolk at around 8:30 in the morning. The driver which was travelling on the westbound carriage way did start slowing down; however, she did not slow down quickly enough in order to avoid hitting into the truck.

The truck was in stop and go traffic on the way up to the construction site. The semi-truck driver didn’t even know that anything hit him. It has been said that she was traveling faster than the speed limit in force for the construction work. Police have used this accident as a reminder to motorists to obey these temporary speed limits. With construction season starting now, there will be many more temporary speed limits on our highways and roads.
Construction zones are marked and drivers are warned about them well in advance. This should be enough to warn drivers to be more careful than normal.

The police have also remaindered motorists never to use their mobile phones to text while driving as this is illegal even if the workers are not present on the site. Many drivers are thought to be getting into accidents because they are reading Facebook, looking at their emails or even watching videos on their phones. Anything like this when driving will be illegal on any trip even if you don’t pass through any construction zones.

The driver will receive a ticket for a $120 fine. Also, if the driver is ever involved in another accident, then she may be required to face a court case to determine whether or not the accident was her fault.
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