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On April 15, 1952 at around 6:30 in the evening, a volunteer fireman in Latham in the town of Colonie, in Albany County fell from the back step of a fire truck and was injured. While enroute to a fire the fireman was riding on the back step of the fire truck. The truck went through a four way intersection that had a saucer shaped drainage ditch in the center of it. The drainage ditch had been installed to correct water run off problem from the private land in the area. The area was very flat and water tended to sit on the surface without running off. The installation of the drainage ditch was designed to improve the problem. In fact, it only partially solved the problem of the water run-off and created a hazardous condition in the intersection of two highways.

When the fire truck crossed over the ditch, the fireman who was on the back stated that he remembered bouncing up about three feet into the air and then he came down into the street and rolled into the drainage ditch. A bystander collected him and took him to a local doctor where he received treatment for injuries to his arm. Later that night, he sought additional treatment from the workers compensation doctor for pain to his chest. The Bronx doctor who treated him stated that he did not remember the exact visit.

In fact, his records of the visit had been lost. He read from his report that he had treated the fireman for chest injuries from his fall from the truck. About six months after that visit to the Brooklyn workers compensation doctor, the fireman began to feel dizzy and sick. He reported to the local hospital where he was found to have a subdural hematoma. A subdural hematoma is a blood clot under the skull bone against the brain. It required brain surgery and he reports that he has been unable to work since the surgery.

The fireman states that the brain injury occurred from the fall off of the fire truck and sought to recover damages. The city disagrees. They contend that the fall from the fire truck was six months prior to the brain surgery and that they see no causal link between the two.

The Supreme Court agrees that the injured fireman failed to show a causal link and due to the time span between the truck accident and the surgery, the claim is dismissed.
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October 29, 1954 a Manhattan husband and father of two died because of an accident while he was working for a machine company. On that day, the man was walking back toward his company truck that he had parked a few moments before. He had been talking to some of the other employees and was going back to get into his truck. A few minutes after walking away from them, the other workmen heard him fall and turned around to see the employee on the ground with his hands on his head. He was about ten feet from the rear wheel of his truck.

None of the other employees saw what happened before he fell or even how he fell. There was speculation that he had fallen off of his truck, but no one actually saw him fall. The truck had mud on the tires and wheel wells, the fallen employee had no mud on him. The employee had a fracture to his skull and had suffered a stroke before dying. The issue here is which came first. Did he have a stroke and then fall fracturing his skull or did he fall, fracture his skull and the fracture led to the stroke. The only evidence presented at trial of a fall from the truck was on the attending physician report and that doctor stated that he had been told by one of the other employees that the victim had fallen off of the truck.

The company brought forth medical records from 1952 when that particular driver had been rehired by the company. The doctors who had examined him had recommended that he not be rehired because his health was not suitable for the job. The doctor at that time had diagnosed him as overweight, with excessive hypertension, arteriosclerosis and alcoholism. This brings the concern back to the medical report from the date of the Truck accident that lists the cause of the injury as a fall from a truck. The doctor testified that he obtained that information from other employees. Each of the employees that was present on that date has testified and each one stated that they did not tell the Queens doctor that they saw him fall from the truck. In fact, they each stated that he was about ten feet from the truck when he fell and none of them saw him fall.

Based on this information, the Court believes that the employee suffered a stroke and then fell. The earlier decision and award are reversed and the claim is dismissed.
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On July 25, 1967, a sixteen year old girl was walking on the sidewalk near 315 Lenox Avenue, Oneida, New York. A truck was travelling on Lenox Avenue, lost control and struck a parked car. It then jumped the curb and drove onto the sidewalk where it hit the girl causing her to be pushed under the porch of a house. This accident caused her serious injury. Her mother filed a lawsuit against the driver of the truck for loss of her daughter’s services and medical and hospital bills.

The driver of the truck denied all allegations. He denied that it was his truck. He denied that he was driving the truck. He denied that he lived in New York City. His allegations of complete noninvolvement were too false as to cause the court to comment on the impropriety of his denials. There is no reason to believe that he is not responsible for the accident.

When the driver of the truck commented on the accident, he advised that he was heading east on Lenox Avenue when his truck struck a parked vehicle, went out of control, and jumped the curb. He advised that two girls walking on the sidewalk tried to run up steps of a porch and his truck hit the girls and shoved the girls and the steps under the porch.

The court found that as a matter of law the girl and her friend were both free from any contributory negligence in the case of this accident. The court further comments that the only conclusions to be drawn from the truck driver’s own admissions was that “he did not maintain a proper lookout for vehicles parked on Lenox Avenue, did not have his pick-up truck under proper control and that after having struck the parked vehicle he fully lost control of the pick-up truck which then jumped the curb, crossed the sidewalk, and struck the steps of the porch and (the girls). As a matter of law it is determined (the truck driver) was negligent and his negligence was the proximate cause of the injury to (the girls.)(288 N.Y.S.2d761.

Therefore, the court rules that there are no triable issues of fact and that liability for this truck accident was clearly established as resting solely with the driver of the truck. The Court in Westchester finds that the driver of the truck is liable for the accident and that the victims are entitled to recover whatever damages that a court trial may asses.
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While the investigation into the cause of the truck accidentare unclear due to the ongoing investigation, a rep has learned that the collision between a box-truck and a minivan have learned the persons from both vehicles hospitalized, with the driver of the minivan in serious condition.

The accident occurred at the intersection of Hempstead Turnpike and Division Avenue this past Friday at about 1:58am. The details of the accident are still sketchy, but it appears to have been a rear-end collision, that resulted in the entire front end of the minivan impacted into the left rear corner of the truck’s left rear corner, and was at least partly underneath the truck. The degree of the impact completely totaled the minivan.

First Responders from the local police, fire, and other emergency management services were quick to arrive on the scene. Their combined efforts kept a bad situation from becoming even worse, as traffic was diverted safely around the accident scene and any potential for fire was carefully monitored and prepared for.

Due to the extreme amount of damage to the minivan, rescue personnel had to resort to using the jaws of life and other hydraulic tools in order to extricate the conscious driver of the minivan from her vehicle. A source reports that various parts of the vehicle, including the seats, were carried away by firefighters as they were removed as part of the ongoing efforts to remove the driver. Once freed from her vehicle, the minivan driver was taken to the Nassau University Medical Center where she was listed as being in serious condition. The condition of the truck driver is as of this writing unknown.

On scene, rescue workers told a reporter that the accident could have been much worse than it actually was. It was very fortunate that the woman who was driving the minivan was wearing a safety belt and the air bags deployed as they were supposed to. Thus far, no charges have been placed and the investigation is ongoing. As it would in Nassau or Suffolk Counties.
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A routine morning trip to school turned into a tragedy on Tuesday morning outside of Louisville, when a dump-truck driver collided with the back of a school bus on its morning route. Thirteen students from the Jefferson County Public School System, along with the driver of their bus, were injured and transported to local area hospitals for treatment, reported a source who is connected to the case. The bus was traveling north on Interstate 65, and the truck accident occurred in the vicinity of the Watterson Expressway.

Kosair Children’s Hospital received the injured children, all of whom were from 6 to 9 years old. Doctors at the hospital said that the students were suffering from minor back pain and mild neck injuries. While many of the students were taken directly to the hospital, others were taken on to school. Of the group that actually arrived at the school, many subsequently reported head and neck pain and were taken to the hospital as well. The Lawyer reporting on the case mentioned that these injuries are characteristic of a highway speed collision, and alluded to the fact that these types of truck accidents can frequently be more deadly.

Additional information about the accident was not available at the time of this article’s publication, pending the completion of the investigation. Police have not indicated whether the driver of the dump truck will be charged with a crime, although a witness said it was likely in a case like this that criminal charges could be filed. These accidents are uncommon in Staten Island and New York City.
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A 52-year-old motorcyclist was pronounced dead at a local hospital Wednesday about 16 hours or so after he wrecked his bike into the back of a street cleaning vehicle, according to a NYC Truck Accident Lawyer who had sources at the scene.

The accident occurred somewhere between the hours of 2 am and 3 am at 47th and L Streets when the man, a resident of Omaha, says the Accident Lawyer, crashed into a stopped City of Omaha dump truck that had its flashers on, police said.

Reports from a New York Truck Accident Lawyer close to the case It is unclear whether drugs or alcohol were major factors in this accident, and an investigation is currently pending, although it’s not clear how long it will take to be cleared. The driver of the dump truck was questioned and the area was dragged for witnesses, but so far none have come forward. Witnesses are encouraged to come forward with any and all information they may have available, no matter how insignificant the info may seem at the time. In a case like this, sometimes the smallest piece of information can be used to drastically help the case.

Very often in motorcycle accidents and especially fatalities, speed is a major concern. In this case early reports determine that that is not the cause this time, although it has not been officially ruled out of the report. The man’s family, as well as residents of Omaha, are devastated by the untimely and tragic loss of the man. It is also not known if the man had on a helmet, which many proponents of motorcycles say will save countless numbers of lives. This is relevant because a head injury is thought to be the reason for death.

The motorcycle driver, who was driving west on L Street, was taken to the Nebraska Medical Center with injuries that included a broken pelvis and head trauma. He died somewhere before 7pm, police said.

The driver of the truck, 35, of Omaha was not injured in the crash and further investigation is still pending. A truck accident head injury causing death in The Bronx or Brooklyn, NY will call for an experienced local Lawyer.
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A Florida jury has awarded $13 million to a mother and her daughter, a New York Truck Accident Lawyer has learned. The award is the result of a traffic accident that occurred in 2005 when the vehicle the woman’s daughter was a passenger in collided with a log truck. The log truck was attempting to make an illegal U-turn and had almost stopped as it stretched across the four-lane highway. It was at this time that the car that was driven by her then-boyfriend collided with the truck. Both then-17-year olds were injured, but the female received the worst injuries. As a result of this accident, she must live with permanent brain injuries, short-term memory loss, and physical impairments.
The jury found both the truck driver and the owner of the truck negligent. They determined this negligence was not only for the truck driver making an illegal U-turn, but also for many of the lights on the truck being inoperative, which made it much more difficult to see on the dark road. They also assessed some blame to the female for failure to wear a seatbelt, a NY Truck Accident Firm was told. The jury further added that the Florida Department of Transportation bore some responsibility for failing to place proper signage along the highway prohibiting U-turns. The young woman’s former boyfriend was also assigned some responsibility for his reaction to the situation but was not found negligent. A similar case in Staten Island or Long Island, NY would have a lawyer knowledgeable in this area on hand.
Sources further enlightened the Attorney that the same driver had been cited for running a red light two days prior to the accident.
The girl’s mother who sued on behalf of her daughter bears the responsibility of caring for her daughter who as a result of the accident is unable to work or to provide certain care for herself. The family’s burden should be somewhat lighter after this award, as within this award are elements that provide for her medical expenses, pain and suffering, and also for loss of income. Although the monetary award can never replace what the accident took away from the young lady, it can at least ease the burden of the lifelong care that she will require.
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