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Coal Truck Rolls Over


No one is sure what happened yet. But there is likely to be an investigation into what caused a coal truck to hit a ditch and roll over, killing the lone occupant, a 32-year old volunteer firefighter with 16-years experience and a history of working in the trucking industry.

Just recently, a funeral was held for a young firefighter and family man who was killed after the coal truck he was driving went off the road, into a ditch and rolled, indicated a New York Trucking Accident Lawyer In Staten Island and Westchester Counties, Lawyers and doctors are involved in these cases on a consistent basis.

The accident reports aren’t clear on precisely why the truck left the road, but it’s hoped that the results of an investigation may reveal what happened. There may be a possibility of faulty steering, brakes or tires, or driver distraction, but for now, this is only speculation which is difficult for his family to handle, but something they feel they need to know to get on with their lives.

The man killed left behind a three boys and a wife and was much loved and respected in his community as the “go to man” when things needed doing. He worked for a trucking company, reported a NY Trucking Accident Lawyer, which makes his accident even harder to deal with for his family. A man familiar with trucks meets death doing what he liked to do. It seems impossible that he is no longer around to lift people’s spirits.

His family remembers him as a community role model and one that everyone liked without exception. They are hoping an investigation can get to the bottom of what happened the day of his fatal truck rollover.

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