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Commercial Accidents Statistics Published by New York Truck Accident Lawyer


Each year, a company publishes a collection of figures for the previous year’s accidents and collisions for Commercial Vehicles. The list also includes the stats for Tractor Trailer and Semi Truck accidents. After much anticipation, the numbers for 2010 are out, shedding light on the grim upturn in serious accidents involving commercial vehicles. During the last calendar year, accidents involving Commercial Vehicles numbered upwards of 500,000. One fifth of accidents resulted in significant injury for at least one person involved. The death rate for accidents was just at 1 percent, a markedly higher number than 2009, when only about .8 percent of collisions resulted in a fatality.

According to the source who released the numbers, these truck accidents will only increase over the coming years. The massive up-tick in accidents and collisions is a direct result of the increased number of commercial vehicles on the road. The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety estimates that an increase of as much as 25 percent in the number of Commercial Vehicles on the Roadways is possible by the end of 2012.

The study pointed out that the increase presents a major problem for US traffic and criminal courts, which are already significantly backlogged with cases. He said that the extremely high number of cases which are settled out of court is a direct result of the agonizingly slow legal process involved for those in accidents. This problem is exacerbated by the notoriously long lag time required by insurance companies in Nassau and Suffolk to settle a suit.

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