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Dump Truck Runs Red Light and Hits Jeep


Local police accused a dump truck driver of careless driving. The allegations were placed against the Highland Lakes man when he ran a red light and subsequently hit a black jeep, being driven by a 53-year-old man.

The responding police sergeant and patrolman found that both drivers, thankfully, escaped injury.

Traffic was backed up in both directions while the lane was shut down to clean up fuel in the roadway.

The fuel was in the roadway because the dump truck’s fuel tank was damaged causing diesel fuel to pour out onto the ground and into storm drains. The Riverdale Volunteer Fire Department, New Jersey Department of Transportation and Morri County Hazardous Waste experts were on hand and involved in the cleanup process.

The 51-year-old dump truck driver was found to have ignored the red light and charged with careless driving, improper maintenance of headlights and damaged mud flaps.

The truck is owned by Mal Brothers Transportation of Wayne.

Extensive damage to vehicles meant that both the dump truck and the Jeep had to be towed.

A source reveals that running red lights is, obviously, one of the top causes of vehicle collisions. These types of truck accidents are more likely than any other type of crash to result in some degree of injury. They result in almost 1,000 wrongful death suits and about 90,000 personal injury cases.

When choosing to run a red light, a driver is saying that their time on the road is more important than the others and they are also admitting that they think everyone should be watching out for them and not vice versa.

Safe drivers in The Bronx and Brooklyn know that the proper attitude to have while driving is one of defense, obeying all traffic laws, all posted limits and restrictions and watching out for changes in the environment. A policeman says, “The safest driving attitude is not one that says, ‘I must do this and go there – now.’ It is one of ‘what’s the right and respectful way to drive to my destination?'”

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