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Father of Eight Killed by Passing Motorist


Father of eight died in a motor vehicle accident last week on and Indiana highway. He was hit and killed while standing outside of his tractor trailer alongside the highway.

The 60-year-old man had pulled his semi to the side of the interstate. At this time, his reasons for doing so are unknown. As he was preparing to reenter his truck, a 1994 Ford Ranger drifted from the right lane, catching the man with its passenger-side mirror.

The father of eight was thrown against the pickup and fell to the ground. He suffered fatal head injuries and was pronounced dead at Northlake Methodist Hospital in Gary, Indiana.

The Ranger’s 50-year-old driver was given a ticket for unsafe lane movement. Authorities on the scene did not suspect alcohol played a part in the accident.

The victim of the crash hailed from Decatur and was a “spiritual man who enjoyed playing the guitar, piano and organ at Apostolic Church of God.” The man’s daughter revealed his love of music, especially the guitar, and his love for his kids was great. He had been a member of a few different bands in the ’70s.

Police told the family that even though a ticket had been issued already, the accident is still under investigation.

The 60-year-old had been driving for Western Express for about 10 years. Before that he had worked for Wolverine Tube and Ingalls Shipyard.

Careful driving on your part does not always keep you safe from the carelessness of others, a source laments. When someone else’s mistake or negligence causes us great harm, our world can seemingly crash around our feet.

Tractor trailers are involved in many accidents on the road each year. Thousands of pedestrians are killed every year by vehicles of all different shapes and sizes, too. According to the experience of a source, “Unfortunately, tragedy can strike you even if you are the safest driver there is.” While Westchester has accidents like this, New York City does not.

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