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Five injured by jackknifing semi


Snow played a big part in this ugly semi truck accident, explained the witness. It had been snowing all day and there was a good four inched of the white, sticky stuff on the roads. Accidents were happening all over the place. Two police officers and three others were hurt when they were hit by a jackknifing tractor trailer.

When EMS crews responded to the scene, they discovered that the semi had lost control while speeding and trying to pass another vehicle. Not the brightest thing in the world to try and do, as it sent the semi across the road, causing it to hit a disabled car and the two officers talking to the motorist. The truck hit the car so hard, it send one of the officers under the truck and propelled the other at least 100-yards down the road, where he landed with incredible force, described the report.

The officer trapped under the truck sustained a compound ankle fracture and the one thrown into the air suffered a dislocated shoulder. Both were lucky they were not more seriously hurt, the friend commented. The driver of the car that the semi hit was also taken to the hospital and admitted to the trauma unit. Truck accidents like these are common in Nassau and Suffolk counties.

Police would be citing the driver of the truck once they got the full details of this crash and the ensuing mess cleaned up. Speeding in bad weather conditions caused untold harm to five people who never would have been hurt, but for the fact that the semi driver was negligent.

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