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Good Samaritan driver tries to help before a wrong-way driver crashes to his death


Saturday night, a man was simply driving home from his usual Saturday night dinners, when he witnessed a car driving down the wrong way at, reportedly 100 miles per hour, said a Lawyer.

“I witnessed something I will never forget,” the man from Nassau and Suffolk said, “Before I could get anywhere he zoomed right past me at 100 mph and almost blew me off the road! I could feel my car shake.”

The man used his cellphone to notify police immediately and then turned around and tried to stop the car himself. When police saw the wreck less driver in his Honda Accord, he reportedly sped up and continued in the wrong direction. “I could see his brake lights go on once he hit the curve and then I saw sparks fly all over the road.”

The man had hit an 18-wheeler and began spinning out of control along the road. His car then hit a Honda Civic with a mom driving her four-year-old child. The kind man, who had called the police, went right to the woman’s aid at the scene.

“I just kept telling her, don’t worry about dying because we’re going to get you out of this car,” he said to a reporter. “Her and her little girl looked so scared, I just felt like I should comfort them,” he added.

The 4-year-old and her mother survived and sustained only minor injuries according to hospital officials. The man driving the wrong way in the Honda Accord was killed on impact, according to sources.

“This isn’t the first time I’ve seen a reckless driver cause a serious accident like this,” the witness said. “It happens on this interstate all the time. Luckily the little girl and her mom are ok.” He added.

A complete toxicology report and autopsy will be performed on the man who died in hopes of finding some answers.

“We’re not sure why the man was speeding in the wrong direction down the highway,” said a police officer. “We’ll know more after investigators complete a toxicology report. He also seemed to be running away from police so we might find out more in our investigation about this guy.”

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