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High School Senior Passes His Dad’s Tragic Wreck in School Bus


In January, a tour bus filled with high school students was travelling down the highway returning from an Honor’s Choir concert at the University of North Dakota. An accident ahead forced the bus to slow down.

The wreck was severe. According to a witness, the scene didn’t look like anyone could have survived.

As the students peered out at the wreckage, a senior boy recognized his father’s car.

“None of us wanted to believe that someone we knew was in that car,” a sophomore girl said. “Once we found out it was [one of our dads], there was just a gut feeling of hopelessness.”

The boy’s father had apparently lost control of his vehicle and slid into the path of an oncoming semi-truck. The driver’s side of the vehicle sustained the majority of the damage.

Well-known throughout the community and school system, the senior’s father has endured four surgeries after suffering 10 broken ribs, a collapsed lung, a bruised spleen and a fractured left arm, a witness reported.

He has not fully regained the use of his left arm, yet. This act is crucial for the man because one of his greatest passions is playing the cello. The boy admits that it’s hard to think about his dad never playing again. “His job, his career, his life, is up in limbo right now.”

The family has tried to remain optimistic during their long journey which has included long hours at hospitals and drives to the Mayo Clinic. The experience has given the senior and his family an opportunity to think about their priorities. “It has put a lot more into perspective recently,” he said.

“We have received so much support. It is absolutely wonderful. The prayers, thoughts, donations, gifts, food and just general love have meant so much. It makes me happy to know that people do care,” the high school senior said. “A lot of people care about him, and it makes him feel good to know that a ton of people are rooting for him.”

Long Island and Westchester have seen similar wrecks.

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