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Hit-And-Run Freightliner Accident and Others


There is always a risk when driving. Resident from around Columbia, Missouri, can definitely testify to that. In the last two weeks, four vehicle accidents have occurred.

Four residents of Boonville, a town near Columbia, were injured Friday in an accident near the Cooper County Fairgrounds.

An 18-year-old girl was making a left hand turn when she crossed the center line and was hit by a 45-year-old driving a truck.

The Westchester truck went off the road, down a ditch, and overturned. According to Highway Patrol reports, it came to rest on its side. This 45-year-old sustained most of the injuries incurred in this accident and was taken to a Columbia hospital to be resuscitated. She was said to be ‘fighting for her life.’

In the car with her there was an eight-year old girl and a 53-year-old male. They were all taken to Cooper County Memorial Hospital for medical evaluation.

The adults in this vehicle were not wearing a seatbelt.

At the end of last month, police investigated a hit-and-run at a Pilot Truck Plaza. Apparently, when a freightliner was pulling away from a fuel pump, it hit a semi-truck. The semi truck’s driver reported that the freightliner did not stop, but exited onto Interstate 70 and kept going.

A police trooper stopped the freightliner on the highway just 15 minutes after the incident. The driver said that he did not see the other vehicle when he hit it.

The less maneuverable semi-trucks, also called tractor trailers, can easily bump something while the driver remains completely unaware of it – a man reports. The sheer size of the vehicle means that some or all of the shock of such a hit is absorbed by the trailer and the truck driver never notices what effect it has had on him or the other vehicle.

That does not mean that an unknowing New York City driver should not be held accountable when they are at fault, however. A competent lawyer can sift through the information available from different police and injury reports” and can piece together testimony to determine your legal standing.

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