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Home at Intersection Almost Hit by Semi


The driver of a semi-truck narrowly missed crashing into a home that sits at the intersection of US 68 and US 62 on Saturday morning.

Authorities in Nassau and Suffolk believe the semi driver may have fallen asleep at the wheel causing the major accident on Saturday morning. Around 5 a.m., an 18-wheel semi from the company named Frontier rand the stop sign at the intersection. He barely missed hitting two homes.

The owner of the home said a Frontier claim adjuster told her that the truck driver had fallen asleep at the wheel right before the accident.

The truck struck a stone wall and clipped the resident’s porch, which threw debris onto a neighbor’s home. She’s not sure how much it will cost to fix the damage, and is waiting for an inspector to tell her if any other damage was done to her home’s foundation.

Unfortunately, a source says that this is not the first accident involving that home and a big rig. Five years ago, a semi actually entered her home. Then, three walls and the chimney were destroyed. The semi crashed through one end of her home and was stopped only by the home next door.

When she moved into the home in 1988, she had heard that there had been several other collisions at the address previously.

She says, “We need a stoplight there, and we need flashing lights down US68 to let people know there’s a stop ahead.”

It’s curious the way roads are sometimes constructed – and the way houses are sometimes constructed right next to them. They are in particular danger during times of extreme weather conditions. The ease of missing a stop sign on an icy night or being unobservant in a rain storm and careening into a home sitting next to a roadway is inarguable.

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