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Injured and Declining to sue, an Accident Survivor is Financially Strapped


In some cases, the truth is stranger than fiction and this case has all of those elements; a bit of hard, cold truth and an old world element of what may be considered to be fiction, but, is also truth.

A 60-year old Amish woman who survived a very ugly tractor trailer crash that killed three and left more than a dozen others badly injured, has declined to sue the trucker who caused the accident, indicated a New York Truck Accident Lawyer. That is the Amish way; not to take money from others when a situation is considered to be God’s will. And, according to God’s will, she would not participate in suing the man who killed her father.

The truck that hit them was fully loaded with scrap metal – 13 tons of it. The trucker had been driving for more than 86 hours over an 8-day period and was in violation of the hours of service regulations. He had been cited 41 times for fraudulently altering logbooks.

While he had a clear view of the road ahead, he was distracted as he reached for his cell phone on the dashboard. He was doing 65 mph when he hit the first vehicle. The truck hit another van that stuck to the grill and became a metal ram, as the truck kept barreling down the line of vehicles until it finally came to a halt. Fatal Truck Accidents are a rarity in Manhattan and Queens because of the lack of super highways.

Later, the bills started arriving and with no way to pay them, the woman let them sit there. One day the trucking company’s insurer asked for all the bills. The woman was sure they would pay them. Unfortunately, that didn’t happen and those same bills are now coming back to haunt her. With over $32,000 in unpaid bills sitting on her table, she can no longer get treatment for her injuries and her insurance money has dried up, explained the NY Truck Accident Lawyer.

Unfortunately, the trucking firm only had $1 million in liability coverage per accident. There was not enough money to go around for all of those that did hire a lawyer and sue. Those that didn’t sue were left with a handful of bills, no way to pay them and a bleak financial future.

There are some hard lessons in this case and one of them is that despite what your beliefs may be, it is worth the time to speak to a skilled New York Trucking Accident Lawyer to find out where you stand and what your rights are. If you choose not to proceed, then you need to be aware of the ramifications. This applies to anyone who has been involved in a trucking wreck.

For those who have been in a trucking wreck and are badly injured, compensation may be sought through the courts with the assistance of a seasoned New York Trucking Accident Attorney. In cases where a victim’s injuries are life-altering, the time spent seeking fair compensation is worth having a knowledgeable New York Trucking Accident Attorney on your side in court.

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