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Motorcyclist Dies After Crash


A 52-year-old motorcyclist was pronounced dead at a local hospital Wednesday about 16 hours or so after he wrecked his bike into the back of a street cleaning vehicle, according to a NYC Truck Accident Lawyer who had sources at the scene.

The accident occurred somewhere between the hours of 2 am and 3 am at 47th and L Streets when the man, a resident of Omaha, says the Accident Lawyer, crashed into a stopped City of Omaha dump truck that had its flashers on, police said.

Reports from a New York Truck Accident Lawyer close to the case It is unclear whether drugs or alcohol were major factors in this accident, and an investigation is currently pending, although it’s not clear how long it will take to be cleared. The driver of the dump truck was questioned and the area was dragged for witnesses, but so far none have come forward. Witnesses are encouraged to come forward with any and all information they may have available, no matter how insignificant the info may seem at the time. In a case like this, sometimes the smallest piece of information can be used to drastically help the case.

Very often in motorcycle accidents and especially fatalities, speed is a major concern. In this case early reports determine that that is not the cause this time, although it has not been officially ruled out of the report. The man’s family, as well as residents of Omaha, are devastated by the untimely and tragic loss of the man. It is also not known if the man had on a helmet, which many proponents of motorcycles say will save countless numbers of lives. This is relevant because a head injury is thought to be the reason for death.

The motorcycle driver, who was driving west on L Street, was taken to the Nebraska Medical Center with injuries that included a broken pelvis and head trauma. He died somewhere before 7pm, police said.

The driver of the truck, 35, of Omaha was not injured in the crash and further investigation is still pending. A truck accident head injury causing death in The Bronx or Brooklyn, NY will call for an experienced local Lawyer.

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