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Pedestrian Killed in Semi Accident


A 53-year-old male was killed in a truck accidentthat occurred just after midnight last Thursday, Texas highway officials report.

Responding to the emergency call placed by the rig driver, the police department and a trooper with the Texas Department of Public Safety arrived on the scene and found EMS medics attempting to resuscitate an unresponsive male at the side of the road.

The 55-year-old tractor trailer driver was seemed heavily disturbed as he spoke to police. He received no physical injuries. He told police that he was driving southbound in the outside lane going approximately 50 mph when he noticed someone “come out of nowhere and crouch in the road.” Attempting to miss the person, he immediately swerved into the inside lane, but the pedestrian stood up and was struck by the truck.

After hitting the pedestrian, the truck driver pulled over as quickly as he could and ran back to check on him. The victim was laying unresponsive in the roadway. The truck driver also saw a brown dog lying in the road. It is currently unknown if the dog belonged to the victim or not. It’s possible the man was trying to save him.

The truck driver from Nassau and Suffolk called 911 and told the dispatchers that he was going to drag the body off the roadway and onto the shoulder to keep himself and the injured man safe from other passing vehicles.

EMS medics reported that the man had no signs of life when they began to work on him upon their arrival. According to a witness, the pedestrian was later pronounced dead at the scene. His death was due to “massive physical trauma caused by the crash.”

The Justice of the Peace was at the scene and did not order an autopsy. He also did not request a blood sample from the driver.

The truck driver volunteered his blood, though. The blood sample was taken at a nearby hospital. The results of the testing will go to the Department of Public Safety. Officials at the DPS say they do not expect any negative findings in the blood test.

A source says that the trucker possibly saved himself from future litigation worries by volunteering his blood. If the family of the man had any concerns about the man driving under the influence but hiding that from the authorities at the scene, he will lay those worries to rest. Troopers said the veteran driver showed “no indications of any type of driver impairment.”

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