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Semi-truck Crashes Into Concrete Barrier, Shuts down I-10


In the middle of last week, Wednesday to be exact, police in El Paso, Texas worked for nearly 4 ½ hours to clear the I-10 after a four vehicle collision closed it down.

In the early morning hours before the sun had even gotten up, El Paso police were called to the wreckage of the serious vehicle accident that involved one tractor trailer.

When the emergency calls were made, the callers called it a ‘hit-and-run.’ At the scene, authorities were unable to discern if one of the four present vehicles had caused the collision.

What the police do know is that at least one of the cars hit the semi which caused it to “turn out.” The semi spread across three lanes. It hit the concrete barrier at one point, spreading debris into the other three lanes of the highway.

One person and one canine were injured in the crashes. The human victim was taken to a local hospital with minor injuries; the dog is said to be doing fine.

Specific information on the type of injury and just exactly how the other two vehicles were involved were not provided. In Brooklyn and The Bronx, accidents similar to this often are reported.

All outside lanes were cleared in both directions, but the inside lanes had to be kept closed because of the wreckage and because the median had been knocked out.

It took police 90 minutes longer than they expected to clear the roadway, mostly due to the time it took to remove the semi-truck off the barrier and to tow it from the area.

As expected, traffic was backed up for miles when the morning commute started.

A New York City -based Truck Accident Law Office said that when the semi was hit by the car, its lack of responsiveness is what made the extensiveness so involved. When a vehicle as big as the semi turns, it requires a lot of space, and, as happened here, when a collision causes it to turn out, the large truck cannot easily recover without damaging something. “It just doesn’t have enough room,” the Truck Accident Lawyer from NY mentioned.

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