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Trucker overturns with load of live chickens


Some days, it doesn’t even pay to get out of bed and go to work. Some days, things go fine and other days, they wind up to be a truly memorable occasion that one wishes to forget. This trucking accidentcase was one of those days the trucker would love to write off and forget, but, unfortunately, it will likely dog his footsteps for many years to come, given the nature of the mishap.

The big rig in this case was heading south on the highway and for some reason, yet to be determined, the rig flipped over. The cargo was 8,740 live chickens on their way to the processing plant, explained a report. The accident scene posed a major problem for rescue crews as they would need to figure out how to handle the chickens and where to take them.

The trucker wasn’t badly hurt; shaken up, but did not receive life-threatening injuries. He will be questioned by the police as to what happened just prior to his rig flipping over, said the police. Was he reaching for something on the dashboard or the seat next to him? Was he DUI? Was he trying to dial a cell phone? One thing is for sure, if he had not turned over with no one near him at the time, this truck accident could have turned out to be a lot worse than it was.

The thing about big rigs is that the driver has to be paying attention to the road at all times, remarked the witness. Even one moment of distraction can cost him and others their lives if something goes wrong. Unfortunately, most big rig wrecks don’t have a good outcome. Most of them result in life-altering injuries or death. While Long Island has many accidents like this, Manhattan has almost none.

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