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Woman Hit by Semi-Truck on Interstate 75


A woman who got out of her car was struck by a Semi-Truck on Interstate 75 on Wednesday. Police were quickly called to the scene to investigate exactly what happened to cause the accident.

The woman was rushed to hospital, explained the police. She was said to be in critical but stable condition. The truck accident happened around one mile from Exit 350 of highway I75 on the northbound carriageway.

The injured woman is 38 years old and needed emergency medical treatment to stabilize her condition.

It is thought that the woman’s car broke down and was blocking the highway explained the witness. She remained with the car until the police arrived. Highway patrol troopers managed to pull the car into the emergency lane at about 9am, the police then got the driver out of the car. The driver was clearly confused and stepped over the white lane marker on the highway.

At exactly this point the semi-truck hit the woman. The driver of the semi did try to avoid the accident by slowing down and moving left, however, it was not possible for the truck driver to avoid hitting the woman.

The semi-truck driver is 64 years old and drives a truck regularly. The driver explained that he left Kissimmee and was heading towards Valdosta. It was also explained that the truck was completely empty.

The Queens driver of the truck was traveling down the outside lane of the interstate and noticed that there was a woman who was standing near to the road. It looked like the lady was about to step out in front of the truck which is why the driver tried to swerve and move out of the way.

The driver was unable to move over in time because there was already something in the middle lane, noted the report. The passenger traveling in the truck told him to watch out, but nothing could be done because it all happened too quickly. When the truck finally managed to stop, the woman was seen lying on the road.

The Staten Island woman was unconscious but did briefly become conscious again before falling back into unconsciousness. At 10:15 am, the authorities shut down all of the northbound lanes of traffic. This was to allow a helicopter to land which flew the injured woman to hospital.

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