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4 Car Pileup Could Result in Lawsuit


Chicago Illinois was the scene of a terrible accident in the early morning hours on Tuesday, when a four-car pileup resulted in critical injury. A cop was on the scene on Tuesday to assess the damage and assist in legal matters surrounding the case.

According to the local police officers, who were the first responders to the crash, a commercial truck driver initiated the collision when he attempted to reduce his speed while going through an iced-over stretch of road on Interstate 80, just to the east of Atkinson, Illinois.

A non-commercial vehicle which was following the 18-wheeler apparently did not slow down, and ploughed into the back of the semi, said the rep. Both vehicles were rendered inoperable from the crash, and remained in the middle of the interstate.

A second semi attempted to avoid the truck accident at the last second, but slid out on the ice and flipped onto its side, coming to rest in the median.

The attorney indicated that a third and final commercial vehicle, which was apparently unable to stop or avoid the stalled cars in the center of the road, ploughed into the back of the car, forcing it underneath the semi truck.

Four people were taken to the hospital from the scene; two with critical injuries. It is unclear at this time if any of the drivers were specifically at fault. More information will be available as the police complete their report. Accidents like this are uncommon in The Bronx and Brooklyn.

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