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Overturned Logger Could be Trouble


Traffic on Harris Creek Road was obstructed on Monday due to a logging accident which had occurred early in the day in the Horseshoe Bend area of Boise, Idaho. A witness who was present at the scene reported that the driver operating the logging truck had just been hired by the logging company and was working his first day on the job. This claim could not be corroborated by third-party sources.

Photos of the truck accident site show the truck on its side against a very steep, snowy embankment. The load of logs the rig was carrying appears to have been dislodged, and pieces of timber can be seen 50 to 60 feet from the truck. The person who reported on the incident said that large rigs can frequently get into trouble in snowy conditions. Under normal circumstances, a small shift in weight, or an unbalanced tire might not cause significant problems, but in heavy snow these issues can become significant.

Additional details on the accident were unavailable at this time, pending an investigation by the local police department, as well as by the logging company itself. The cause of the incident is unknown, as is the condition of the logging truck operator. The Lawyer interviewed for this article stated that cases like this occasionally result in criminal proceedings, and it is possible that the reporting officers are remaining particularly tight-lipped about the details of the accident, pending criminal charges.

Truck accidents like this one are common in rural areas like Long Island and Westchester County. These areas have many super highways which are traveled by trucks.

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