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Propane Truck Upset Causes Alarm


North Carolina became the site of a dramatic situation that resembled many Hollywood movies early on Tuesday morning, when a propane truck overturned on N.C. 68 in the Pleasant Ridge area. One vehicle was involved in the accident in addition to the truck, reported a witness that provided details of the incident. One person involved in the crash was injured, but the injuries were not considered serious. Traffic was detoured throughout the day, but it was anticipated that normal flow would resume by Wednesday.

Due to the highly volatile nature of propane, the truck accident had to be dealt with extremely carefully by fire and rescue crews. The Deputy Chief of the Greensboro Fire department was on hand to provide oversight and communicate with reporters. He said that after the accident, emergency crews safely transferred as much propane as possible out of the tank, although it was impossible to remove the entire load. The attorney connected with the case said that a third-party company with experience in these types of truck accidents had been called in to set the propane tank upright so the extraction process could be completed.

Specifics in the case are still forthcoming from the investigating officers. It is unclear at this time if anyone involved would face criminal charges, although the advocate said that such litigation would be unlikely, due to the relatively minor level of injury to those involved. Investigating officers in Manhattan and Queens are expected to release a report when they conclude their investigation.

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