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Questions surround Truck Accident


Green County, Indiana- Officials from the Sullivan County Police department were involved in heavy cleanup on Monday after an accident on State Road 159, reported a witness who was in Green County at the time of the truck accident, which occurred early in the afternoon somewhere south of Dugger in Sullivan County.

Sullivan County 911 logged an emergency call at around 1:30, and immediately notified police and other emergency personnel. Officers responding to the scene found a three-axle coal truck which had flipped onto its side, spilling its contents into the road. The policeman was unable to speak to the severity of the accident, or the condition of the driver. It is possible that slick road conditions may have been a factor in the accident. One other theory which has been mentioned suggests that the coal load may have shifted or settled unevenly, causing a weight imbalance which contributed to the truck accident.

The latest report on the cleanup activity came at around 3:00 on Monday afternoon. A representative of the Sullivan County Sheriff’s Department reported that the Sherriff’s department was working actively with crews from the Indiana Department of Transportation to resolve the situation and bring traffic back to normal flow.

Unfortunately, many of the details surrounding the incident are still unclear. The source, who works in both The Bronx and Brooklyn, we interviewed for this article said that frequently in cases like this, the investigating officers will refrain from making public comment until after the investigation is complete.

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