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Driver falls asleep at wheel


Early in the morning in Cumberland County PA, a truck driver fell asleep at the wheel. This is the second tractor trailer truck accident of the day.

According to a witness, this happened at about mile marker 46. The truck came to a stop on the edge of an embankment and blocked the southbound lane of traffic near Exit 45.

Because of this accident the road had to be closed for over two hours this morning. It was a real pain for drivers who got detoured off of this route. They had to travel on four different roads before being able to get back on the Interstate according to police. Finally the left southbound lane opened again at about 7:30 am, as reported by a policeman. The road ended up being closed just an hour and a half later due to another truck accident.

Police are urging drivers to pull over and stop if they get sleepy. Driving sleeping can be a huge hazard to the public. If you are caught falling asleep at the wheel, you will be stopped and receive a ticket. The police are treating sleeping while driving just as serious as drinking and driving.

Even though this was a serious trucking accident, said the witness, the driver was not hurt. He didn’t hurt anyone else either but did cause a big delay in people’s morning route. EMS personal who also would serve in Manhattan or Brooklyn didn’t have to respond and weren’t called out to help in this accident.

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