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Luck was with this semi loaded with grain


This grain loaded semi trucker was minding his own business and went to turn a corner in town and got stuck. Luckily, no one was beside him when he attempted to make the limited turn. His rear trailer tires hit the stop light pole, damaging two of the rear axles, which meant the truck could not move, explained the witness.

They say that the truth is often stranger than fiction and this seems to be the case here. Who would have thought that a big rig would get stuck while turning a corner? This does raise a few interesting questions for the police such as, given the size of the big rig, what was he doing on downtown streets instead of the usual bypass routes, asked the expert? Was he paying attention to what he was doing? One wonders, given the results of his botched attempt to turn the corner.

While it didn’t seem like a big deal to have him stuck on a stop sign pole, the damages left behind when the whole ordeal was over were significant, not to mention the inconvenience for the local traffic. This rig could just as easily have turned over after hitting the pole. Truck accidents like this one rarely happen in areas like Queens and Staten Island.

If anyone had been beside him while he was attempting to turn or had been on the sidewalk waiting to cross, this single vehicle accident could have seriously harmed or killed someone, commented the New York Truck Accident Lawyer.

Traveling on the highway with big rigs is always a challenge and if something goes wrong, the results are never pretty. For just compensation for serious injuries or death, get effective legal counsel from a New York Truck Accident Attorney. Truck accident cases often involve more than just the trucker and without the help of a New York Truck Accident Attorney, you will be hard pressed to get the justice you deserve.

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