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Teenager recovers from serious crash


This last August a 13 year old girl was hit by a truck and trailer as she was riding her bicycle. She fell over on her bicycle went under the passing truck, as reported by a reporter.

She broke her pelvis but didn’t injure her head. This teen had to be air lifted to Auckland’s Starship Children’s Hospital, according to a doctor.

This teen girl has been confined to a bed for over a month as she recovers from this truck accident. She doesn’t remember very much about the accident. Now she is in rehab learning to watch again with the aid of crutches. She is hoping to walk without help in a few years. “I’m going to get back on my feet – nobody is going to stop me,” said this high spirited 13 year old girl.

Even though these injuries have kept her from starting high school, she will soon start correspondence school. The girl’s mom has four other kids yet stays with her daughter almost all the time at the hospital. A policeman reported that Riverlands School is raising money to help support the family as they go through this hard time. This school has also raised money for the hospital’s air ambulance service. The air ambulance service helps hundreds of people each year. The school has also gotten a lot of other schools in the area involved in the fund-raising to help support this wonderful service.

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