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A woman is killed in a truck accident


A 59 year old female driver was killed yesterday in a truck accident. A Toyota Rav 4 got pushed about 150 meters after a truck slammed into the back of it, according to a report.

Nigel Housego, a police investigator, said the crash took place on Lily dale Rd near Launceston at about 9:20 am.

Both of these vehicles were travelling in the same lane and both came to a stop in the north bond lane of Lily dale as reported by a policeman.

The Toyota Rav driver was the only person in the vehicle. The driver of the truck was a 33 year old man who had two passengers, a small boy and girl, who did not get hurt.

A report mentioned that a couple of women, who did roadside construction work, almost got hit but managed to get out of the way. The speed limit in that area was reduced for the road construction. Lily dale Road was closed for over 3 hours after the truck accident.

Police are currently looking for more witnesses to this accident. Even though this was a fatality, this area has had a big decrease in truck accidents this last year. This is only the fourth fatality of the year. Last year in the same area there were sixty deaths. Police in The Bronx and Brooklyn who are familiar with the area are warning people to slow down and be careful when traveling through construction zones. Vehicles in front of you will be slowing down, so be cautious.

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