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A truck driver crashed his truck


Friday at about noon on Route 80 West by Exit 34, a driver of a tractor-trailer overturned his truck and had to be removed by first responders. According to a witness, the identity of the man who drove the truck was not available.

He was removed from the truck accident about 12:55 p.m. State Police Sgt. Mark Kapenis in Netcong, told a reporter, that the driver was alert and conscious the whole time.

It took emergency crews almost an entire hour to get him out of the truck. During that time traffic on Route 80 West was at a stand still for about 5 miles.

Reports from a witness indicated that the driver of the tractor-trailer crossed the center lane of traffic and hit a dump truck. The driver then lost control of vehicle, ran off the road and flipped his vehicle.

The driver of the tractor-trailer got air lifted to Morristown Memorial Hospital for treatment. The local Rockaway Townsquare Mall was used as the pick up area for the helicopter, Kapenis said.

Truck accidents like this are common in places like Nassau and Suffolk counties in Long Island. The reason for this is that there are many major highways in Long Island on which trucks travel, sometimes at high speeds.

Thankfully the dump-truck driver was not hurt and didn’t have to be taken to the hospital. Two of the four westbound lanes of traffic on Route 80 West had to be closed for several hours but finally got reopened late in the afternoon.This accident left the truck up side down and the truck will remain on the side of the road until Friday night.

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