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5 killed in Texas accident


Three children and two adults were killed in a head on crash that took place in Texas. The collision resulted in a fiery explosion, Police told a reporter. Police authorities indicate that the accident happened this past Sunday afternoon. The adult in the truck accidentwas driving a Volkswagen vehicle when it got out of control and slammed into a dump truck head on.

Everyone in the vehicle was killed as soon as the impact happened. Three of the passengers were children ranging from age two to eight; two boys and one girl. The driver was the children’s grandmother. It was reported to the TV station that the other adult in the truck accident was the driver of the dump truck who was also killed in the accident. The dump truck was on its way to a garbage dump and that makes this truck accident a commercial truck accident. Any truck accident which happens in the act of work is considered to be a commercial truck accident.

The witness said that it seemed as if the truck driver’s death came at the hands of the fire and not necessarily the impact itself. The Police said, “The truck driver was on the phone with his wife when the crash happened.

He told her about the accident and he tried to escape, but the truck went up in flames.” The truck was en route to another state with a trailer attached to it. The Police confirmed that everyone involved in the accident was wearing a seat belt.

The truck driver’s wife is distraught, but is happy that she had a chance to hear the last words that her husband uttered to her before he died, “I love you.”

Commercial truck accident like this are often reported in Suffolk County but rarely in New York City which does not have four lane highways like the ones in Long Island.

When an accident happens, you need a New York Truck Accident Attorney to help you to look at the situation and see how you can best be helped. You want to know your rights and be compensated for your pain and suffering. If the accident resulted in death, family members should also seek the assistance of a New York Truck Accident Attorney.

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