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Crash with truck leaves one injured


While driving along 82nd Street, close to Highway 27, police told a reporter that a man ran a red light and careened into a salt truck that was owned by the city of Lubbock. The man had to be cut from his vehicle and a helicopter had to come on the accident scene to get him and take him to the University Medical Center located close by.

The man’s injuries were life-threatening, after the accident, and he remains in critical condition. Officials from the emergency team reported that the man was not wearing a seat belt at the time of the accident. This may have been the reason of the extent of his injuries. No one was hurt in the city vehicle and investigations are still ongoing at this time.

The police explained that running a red light is a serious offense and can cost you your life. The police think that the speed at which the driver was going may have caused the crash. He was never in control of the vehicle at any time. The vehicle spun out of control and landed into the salt truck on the median. The driver remains in the hospital under medical supervision, and he is expected to recover.

The man’s family was notified of the truck accident by the police and they are thankful that he will be closely watched and nursed back to health.

Truck accidents caused by cars which are out of control are not unusual. In Queens and Staten Island there are many reports of accidents like this one. It is not clear why this is but the fact is that this is what occurs.

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