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Death of truck driver in crash


Police told a source that a service truck crashed this morning, approximately 10:30 a.m., on Highway 80 East. Unfortunately, the truck accident resulted in the death of the truck driver.

During the accident, the service truck flipped over and landed on its side, while it crashed over in the median. One of the axles on the truck flew in the air before the truck actually crashed in the center of the main lane on the highway.

Police told the source that they were not sure of the cause of this accident and so they are still continuing their investigation of the accident. There were no witnesses to the accident, therefore, the police investigation is ongoing and is going to be very limited, because the police does not have much to work on except the accident scene.

Because of the accident of this service truck, the roads are closed and rush hour traffic is experiencing a lot of delays. There is only one lane opened on the highway and police are redirecting traffic so that things can go smoothly, the company which owned the truck was informed. The family of the deceased truck driver has been notified about the accident as police scramble to give them answers to what took place on this fateful morning.

Truck accidents like this commercial truck accident are apt to happen in rural areas for many different reasons. First of all trucks of this kind are not apt to be found driving around and making deliveries in urban areas. Secondly, highways like the ones found in Long Island and Westchester County are more likely to have trucks on them and therefore more likely to have accidents like the the one described here.

A New York Truck Accident Lawyer has the capability and the skill as well as the expertise to assist the family of a deceased individual who has experienced the trauma of losing their loved one in a truck accident.

Compensation to the family is in order especially if the accident took place on a major highway. By seeking the assistance of a New York Truck Accident Attorney, it will give you more leverage in court and you will be able to come out a winner your pain and suffering.

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