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Truck carrying hay overturns


A large truck turned over on Highway 15 in close proximity to the Dillon area this afternoon and caused a traffic congestion that was miles long. The truck was carrying hay and when it overturned, all of its contents were scattered on the highway, tells a witness.

Tis particular truck accidentcaused a major delay is on the highway and police had to shut down more than one lanes. The accident happened during rush hour. It happened approximately 1 p.m. in the afternoon. The police came on the scene to put things in order. They told the authorities that the truck was exiting the Twin Bridges area onto the highway when it shifted and tipped over. There are about 30 bales of hay packed on the truck. When this happened, the two southbound lanes were shut down for over an hour until the police got the roads cleared.

The police said that fortunately for the driver of the truck, he was not injured during the accident. He was a little shaken up, because of what happened, but he came out without a scratch on his body. Police patrolled the area until all of the hay was taken up off of the highway. Traffic resumed as soon as the roads were cleared and the lanes were open for the evening rush hour.

Truck accidents like this commercial truck accident are apt to happen in rural areas for many different reasons. First of all trucks carrying hay are not apt to be found driving around and making deliveries in urban areas. Secondly, highways like the ones found in Long Island and Westchester County are more likely to have trucks on them and therefore more likely to have accidents like the the one described here.

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