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Truck blocks highway


A source close to the story related the details of an accident that occurred on Monday during the morning rush hours in the Washington County area. According to police, a tractor-trailer driver was going eastbound into the Buffalo Township area, which is off Interstate 70 when the vehicle spun out of control and landed westbound on Highway 70. Fortunately for everyone, there were no cars in that westbound lane doing the time of the truck crash.

The trailer truck driver was escorted to the hospital, and the police told the interested parties that they are looking into whether they should file charges against the truck driver or not. The police completed their reports for a newspaper, and stated that because of the accident all westbound lanes on Highway 70 were shut down for hours and this caused a lot of traffic congestion.

In addition, the vehicle’s diesel fuel spilled on the highway and had to be cleaned up by crews that were summoned to the accident scene. The witness who saw it all believes that the truck was en route to another state, laden with pie crusts in the body of the truck. Because of the existence of the Long Island Expressway, accidents like this one are common in Queens and Long Island. The Expressway creates dangers and runs through both of these locals in New York.

Amazingly, during the truck accident, the pie crusts stayed intact, and did not spill on the highway. The police are carrying out ongoing investigation of the accident and ways to manage accidents like that in the future. The family members of the truck driver were notified of the accident and the outcome of the accident.

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