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Train and truck collision


Police reported to an investigator that a National Railway Company train crashed with a tractor-trailer that two women were driving in. According to the police, no one was injured in the truck accident. The truck was taking auto the parts to Kentucky from Newbern. The police investigation revealed that the accident happened on Wednesday at approximately 6 15 p.m.

The tractor trailer was traveling on Parks Road. At one point, the tractor-trailer got caught on the tracks, while it was going downtown to Newbern. The driver of the truck was a woman and she was from Illinois. She was unable to drive the truck forward, and neither could she back the truck up from the train track. Both women were attempting to call for assistance when they saw that the train was coming, believes a witness who happened to be near the scene of the truck accident. They were unable to call 911, because the train came right down on them just as soon as they exited the vehicle. The story made news in Staten Island and Westlchester.

The train was going at such a rapid speed that he was not able to stop and so, it crashed through the tractor trailer until it came to a stop approximately 75 yards ahead. The impact of the accident split the tractor-trailer in half, and as a result, all of the auto parts were scattered around the surrounding area. The women were lucky not to have gotten hurt in this terrible accident. According to a reporter who was working the story for the local newspaper, the scene looked like something from a movie. “The Fugitive” came to mind and was mentioned in the story he wrote for the paper.

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