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Head on collision injury


On February the third, a female driver of a Volkswagen collided head-on with a tractor trailer truck. This was a crash of three vehicles. The truck accident happened in the Route 33 area. Police told the reporter that the Ryder truck and the Volkswagen Jetta collided head-on.

There was also a white vehicle involved in the accident, according to a source. The Volkswagen driven by the female driver was the one that was trapped between the truck and the white Chevrolet. Rescue team had to get the vehicle out as well as a female driver. The female driver was taken to the hospital by ambulance and from there she was airlifted to a medical facility close by. As a matter of record fatal truck accidents are likely to occur in areas with many highways and winding roads. They do not happen very often in urban areas like The Bronx and Queens where there are not many highways and winding roads where trucks are apt to speed and become dangerous and have accidents which kill people.

A young man who was in the accident was also taken to the hospital along with the female driver of the Chevrolet car. The driver of the tractor trailer truck went without injuries. The authorities said that the accident is still being investigated to see what happened. He said that the tractor-trailer driver was going eastbound on route 33 and the driver off the Volkswagen was going westbound. The road was closed for several hours as police tried to figure out what happened. The police told the rep that they are checking to see if drunk driving played a part. Of they find that alcohol or drugs or both were involved in this case, it could easily and very quickly become a criminal matter in which someone could be spending a very long time in jail.

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