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Fuel tanker explosion

In Idaho, a tanker truck carrying fuel exploded in Picabo this past Wednesday. The truck accidentcaused the death of a resident who lived in Cary. His name was not mentioned in the report that was given to local and national newspapers. This man worked with a fuel tanker company in Idaho. He drove the truck and transported Fuel from one truck to the other.

The Police told the newsmen and women that that during the exchange of the fuel from one truck to the next, that is when his truck caught fire, and everything exploded. It so happened that the deceased went on top of the fuel truck to transfer the fuel to the next truck. It was when he was on the truck that it exploded and killed him immediately. The crew that came to remove his body could not do so until the flames and the heat subsided. It was not until 7 p.m. before they could remove his charred body. As a matter of fact fatal truck accidents are likely to occur in areas with many highways and winding roads. They do not happen very often in urban areas like The Bronx and Brooklyn where there are not many highways and winding roads where trucks are apt to speed and become dangerous and have accidents which kill people.

The other driver, who was close to the explosion, received minor injuries when his jacket caught fire. He was able to extinguish the fire. He refused to go to the hospital for treatment.

Hospitals and doctors in the area were informed that that the incidence happened before 2 p.m., but it was only reported to them afterwards. However, the fire, crew was called in, and they are the ones who put out the smoldering fire. Police told a group of interested observers that there is an ongoing investigation as to what exactly happened. All response team will be questioned on when they received a call, how they responded and details of the truck accident.

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