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Truck driver drowned in accident


An accident occurred in Bath County on Monday, where a chart driver was killed when his semi truck went over Highway 64 overpass. The semi truck landed in a creek below the overpass and the truck driver was unable to get out, therefore he died from drowning.

The coroner in Bath County told a reporter that the day was very windy in the area at the time. He thought that the high winds were a contributor to the truck driver’s death. Police also reported that the truck driver was on his way to Virginia. Eventually he would have wound up in New York City and then, Westchester County.

He had left Detroit with auto parts loaded to his semi-truck. He was on the job and had not anticipated that anything would happen. It was when rescuers began to search that they found the truck driver’s body that Thursday night approximately 7 p.m.

The body was about one hundred yards from the truck accident wreckage. Rescuers informed the police that when they recovered the semi-truck, they did not find the truck driver’s body inside of the truck. Further search helped them to find the body in the bottom of the lake. The coroner said to the source, “It is a good thing that the searchers found the body because of where it was located after the crash and now the family can have some closure.” It is not easy to lose a loved one and not be able to find the body. This family was lucky.

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