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Accident on Route 1 Kills SUV Driver


The truck accident required the road to be shut for several hours while the emergency services were trying to rescue the people involved in the accident. The road also remained closed while the investigators were trying to identify the actual cause of the crash.

The police have not currently released the name of the man who died in the accident. This is thought to be to allow the man’s family to be notified.

The Brooklyn driver was driving on the northbound carriage way. Eye witness reports have said that he was driving erratically. Members of the Maine Department Transportation said that they had to swerve to avoid hitting the vehicle. He had his head down and was traveling in the wrong lane, observed the witness.

This led police to believe that the driver might have been texting on his phone. However, no cell phone has been recovered from the vehicle. It has also been suggested that the driver was suffering from an illness but this has not yet been proved.

The semi-truck approached the car and this caused it to swerve right out of the way into the emergency breakdown lane. The truck did everything it could to avoid hitting the SUV. However, at the same time as doing this, the driver lifted his head and corrected his path.

This caused both vehicles to hit one another which resulted in the death of one man. The accident happened close to the intersection with Route 52 at around 3 o’clock in the afternoon.

Fortunately neither of the vehicles had any passengers inside. If they did then the accident could have been much more serious.

The Bronx driver was transported to a nearby hospital by ambulance. The police also closed down both lanes and directed traffic around the incident.

The driver of the semi-truck did not sustain any serious injuries. However, he is currently being checked by the hospital to ensure that doesn’t have any internal injuries.

As the exact cause of the accident still remains unclear, the police are reconstructing everything that happened before the crash and the investigation is currently ongoing.

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