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Truck carrying Prison Food Involved in Accident


According to police reports obtained by a reporter, a prison food truck was involved in a traffic accident. The truck was transporting food to the prison located in Texas. However, on the way, the truck was struck by a train. This not only put the driver’s life at risk, but also meant that thousands of customers went without food.

The truck accident happened at around 10 am in the morning near to the Texas Department of Criminal Justice on Highway 90. When the truck turned into the prison unit the train hit it.

The train was travelling at high speed which meant that it carried on for almost 100 yards before it was able to come to a complete stop. The truck was severely damaged and there was still a piece of the truck attached to the train. It was very lucky that nobody was injured or killed in the accident.

This has delayed the prisoners in receiving their food, but as many posters on the internet point out there are more important things in the world than hungry prisoners. The delays were only minor, and as the prison had enough stocks of food for a few days, the prisoners never actually went hungry.

The police reports read by the rep states that there were cans of food which were spread all over the platform. There were also pieces of the truck spread over the area. As many of the cans were undamaged they could be salvaged and reused. This made it possible for the prison service to save money without needing to buy extra food for the prisoners again.

Recovery services arrived quickly to clear the truck from the tracks. As a high speed train was involved in the accident, train maintenance officials were called to the scene. They needed to check that the train was correctly on the rails before it could be moved. The train could then be moved safely out of the way of the crossing so that other vehicles could use the road again.

In Staten Island and Queens, accidents like this are rare.

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