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Chaotic Truck Crash


A runaway truck was involved in an accident which caused chaos in the area. The brakes of the vehicle are thought to of failed which prevented the truck from slowing down and stopping to avoid the accident.

The truck caused thousands of damage by crashing into street signs, electrical substation, a delivery truck and delivery vans. The accident resulted in six people being injured, explained the police. Two of these injured people were seriously injured and required medical attention.

The accident happened on Potgieter Street. This area is well known for many truck accidents and many residents want something to be done about the safety of the street.

The Bronx Lawyer noted that since 2001 over 30 people have been killed on the street, and 80 people injured in various accidents. Many of these accidents involved trucks which lost control.

The local residents were not happy on the afternoon of the crash because the emergency caused the road to be shut. This caused gridlocks in Brooklyn which affected much of the city as emergency services responded to the accident.

The driver of the runaway tractor trailer truck spoke to a Lawyer and explained that the brakes of the truck failed and this made it impossible to stop in time.

There were many stories of near misses including people who walked out in front of the truck just before the accident. Eye witnesses mention that the truck was traveling at such a high speed, that there would be no chance of any survivors if they were directly hit by it.

It seems like the brakes failed on the truck and the driver attempted to miss cars which were stopped at a red traffic light. As the truck wasn’t able to slow down, it crossed straight through the intersection where it crashed into several cars.

The truck also crashed into several other trucks and cars before crashing into a military material.

The investigation into the exact causes of the accident and crash are still ongoing. It’s likely that the accident was caused by the vehicle malfunctioning, but it’s not clear whether or not there was any driver error involved.

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