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Bus and Semi Collision Leave One Dead


A reporter has learned that a tractor-trailer and a tour bus have collided Saturday. The result of which has left a 75-year old woman dead due to the extent of her injuries. The senior was pronounced dead at the scene.

The tour bus was traveling east on state Highway 33 at approximately 7p.m. Saturday evening, the man reported. The tractor-trailer was traveling north on County Highway P, when the two vehicles collided at the intersection of the two connecting highways. The bus then reportedly flipped twice before sliding into a ditch.

The 52-year old bus driver was transported to St. Joseph’s Hospital, while the surviving passenger, also 75-years of age, was transported to Froedtert Memorial Lutheran Hospital, due to their injuries. The 30-year old truck driver and his 30-year old passenger were also transported to Froedtert Memorial Lutheran Hospital.

While the investigation is ongoing, the local Sheriff’s Office spokesman stated that the driver of the semi failed to yield the right of way to the bus. They also told the reporter that if the bus had been fully loaded with passengers, that the truck accident would have been much worse than it was. There is also no knowledge as of yet as to why the driver of the semi failed to yield to the bus at the intersection. Authorities are waiting until the truck driver and his passenger have made a sufficient recovery so that they may ask them this very question.

Accident scene photographs show just how bad this accident was. The bus left a long line of skid marks after it had rolled over. The truck cab was a twisted mass of metal as the truck cab was smashed against the side of the trailer. It is indeed a miracle that there was only one fatality from this accident.

The police cannot stress enough of the importance of maintaining a high level of situational awareness so that you are always ready for almost anything that may be headed in your direction as you travel to work and play. Driving is a serious matter, and it should never be taken lightly whether you’re in Long Island or Manhattan.

After an accident, things happen very quickly. There are papers to be signed, statements to be made, and so on. Do not be pressured to sign anything from an insurance company until you have spoken with a New York Truck Accident Attorney who will be certain that your rights are protected.

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