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Car Crash Caused by Aggressive Driving


A case of road rage may be to blame for a crash involving a car and tractor trailer which occurred Wednesday sometime before 9am on Alternate Route 7 in the town of Colonie, according to initial reports by a trooper.

Police in Staten Island say the tractor trailer, which was an empty gasoline tanker was eastbound on Alternate 7 in the passing lane. A report indicates the drivers of two cars driving in the passing lane of Alternate 7 eastbound at that time were engaging in a traffic argument involving the exchange rude gestures with their hands. The driver of the first car, which was unharmed in the accident, drove by the tractor trailer and entered the right lane in front of the truck, then began to hit his brakes, as cars ahead were moving slower.

The second car attempted to enter the right lane between the truck and the first car, with gestures again being exchanged, according to a report. 

An inspection of the vehicle by the State Police Commercial Vehicle Unit proved it to be free from damage.

One man was cited for unsafely changing lanes and will have to go to court to dispute the charge.

The crash collided with a special enforcement effort going on in Queensbury. This effort is named an “Aggressive and Distracted Driving Enforcement Detail”.

A report by the Institute for Traffic Safety Management and Research in Westchester concludes that 87% of all accidents involving a truck in New York State in 2009 were also involved with another vehicle.

In almost all of these wrecks, actions of the driver of the “other vehicle” were listed as being relevant to the cause.

The special detail uses patrol troopers to pay attention to enforcing laws that cover road rage like behaviors, such as speeding, unsafe lane changes, following too closely, or distractions, like talking or texting.

This enforcement is done in an area where the State Police Commercial Vehicle Unit is following its operations. Two Troopers from the Commercial Vehicle Unit were moved from this assignment to help in the investigation of this particular accident.

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