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Truck Crash a Total Mystery


A car wreck is shrouded in mystery as a man fights for his life in the aftermath, reports a station . A 69-year-old man was found lying beside a truck and trailer unit on the street leading from J.Swap Tauranga Quarries, says the witness.

The truck accident happened on a public road leading to the quarry off Kaitemako Rd in Welcome Bay somewhere around 9am yesterday, are the initial reports from a source.

A Tauranga South police acting Sergeant said there were no witnesses to the accident, although they are still combing the area to see if someone will stand up in this case. It will help to solve this mystery in a timely manner, so anyone with information is encouraged to come forward. 

The driver was found by a fellow truck driver heading down the hill for the quarry.
Apparently it was not yet known if the driver had got out of his vehicle to look at something, was leaning out the door and fell or was thrown from the cab as the truck headed into the bank.

“To find out 100 per cent what went on is going to be difficult,” were the words that were said. A serious crash investigator was also at the scene, along with a Sergeant from the Commercial Vehicle Investigation Unit (CVIU).

Apparently there was paperwork that revealed the truck had a gross weight of 39160 tons when it was measured prior to driving away from the quarry yesterday morning. A fellow CVIU officer in Long Island made an initial okay of the truck before it was removed from the area.

But it was said a full vehicle inspection would be carried out to check for any mechanical faults.

The injured driver works for Te Puke Company Bay Excavators whose website states the company has about 30 years’ experience in earthmoving and drainage also specializing in excavation, road construction and rehabilitation and heavy haulage.

A company spokesperson in Manhattan would not comment about the accident.

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