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Crash Saves Truck Driver’s Life


An apple a day may or may not keep the doctor away, but the crash of an 18-wheeler saved the life of the man who was driving it. A reporter has learned that a truck driver is alive today because he wrecked his truck. On a busy highway just outside of Reading, PA, the cab of a semi sat atop a concrete barrier after the driver had blacked out due to a piece of an apple becoming lodged in his throat. At some point when the tractor-trailer struck the concrete barrier, the driver’s chest struck the steering wheel and the piece of apple dislodged and exited the man’s mouth.

A policeman in Queens was told by investigators that police found a chunk of an apple on the truck’s dashboard. They also stated that doctors backed up the truck driver’s statement that the crash had caused performed the Heimlich maneuver on the driver.

The truck driver was transported to the local hospital where he was treated for bruises, minor cuts, and a fracture in his back.

While the truck driver was very lucky to be alive, many hundreds of motorists were not so lucky. As work crews worked to clean up the debris from the truck wreck, other work crews worked to clean up the diesel fuel that had spilled when the truck crashed into the concrete barrier that separates opposing sides of the highway. The source could see from the truck accident photos that large chunks of the concrete barrier were broken off and the debris was scattered across both sides of the roadway. For safety’s sake, replacement sections had to be trucked in since the integrity of the barrier had been breached. Traffic was kept from proceeding through the section of highway for about five hours.

One of the witnesses who spoke with the Attorney from New York City stated that he was not sure what was happening, only that the truck collided with the concrete barrier and he thought it was going to keep going into the other line of traffic. Fortunately, for everyone it stopped when it did.

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