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Driver Files Civil Suit


The truck driver facing murder charges for the April 2009 runaway truck crash that killed two people in La Cañada Flintridge has filed a civil lawsuit against city, reports a Law Firm.

In the case filed on March 17 in Los Angeles County Superior Court the driver is seeking $500,000 for property damage, loss of liberty due to criminal proceedings and “oppression, mental duress, stress” says the source.

Although La Cañada is included as a focal point of the lawsuit, claims of government negligence in creating unsafe street conditions are directed at the state, Los Angeles County and the California Department of Transportation, says reports from the Firm.

The man claims in the lawsuit that the correct departments “failed to put up adequate warning signs and/or maintain an emergency truck lane to allow out-of-control trucks to exit the highway before they reached the intersection or take any reasonable steps to prevent trucks from traveling on the Angeles Crest Highway toward Foothill Boulevard.”

The man lists seven prior truck accidents at the roadway in claiming that “defendants knew or should have known that Angeles Crest Highway was a high accident zone and was an immediate safety concern.”

Attorneys for the man and La Cañada said the lawsuit was unwarranted.

“It’s a frivolous action,” said an attorney for Caltrans. “The tragic accident of April 1, 2009, occurred because Marcos Costa was operating a truck with a defective braking system and because he failed to follow the rules that govern the operation of a truck on a California highway.”

Family members of the deceased both have filed wrongful death suits against all parties involved. An attorney working for La Cañada to defend the city against the family’s litigation, said he had read the man’s lawsuit, but has not received an official copy.

Authorities in Staten Island and Westchester are studying this case.

He said the city was looking into possible responses to what he said was a hard to understand accusation. The attorney who is defending this man in the criminal case, said he had “absolutely no knowledge” of his lawsuit.

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