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Dump Truck Overturned – Leaves One Dead


A late morning truck accident was still being investigated by the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department, a source learned. The March 30, accident involved a single vehicle which overturned and resulted in one fatality.

When first responders arrived on the scene they were greeted by an overturned dump truck, dirt and other debris scattered across the road, a severed fire hydrant that was spraying water straight up into the air and power lines across the accident scene. As has been the experience of a policeman, this is not a pleasant situation to be drawn into.

While the cause of the investigation is still ongoing, a L.A. County Sheriff’s department told a Lawyer that the truck driver, for as yet unknown reasons, lost control of his truck, collided with two parked vehicles, struck a power pole and a fire hydrant. It is currently unknown at exactly what point the truck overturned.

Shortly after arriving on the scene, deputies attempted to locate the truck driver, but he was eventually discovered lying beneath the truck. He was pronounced dead at the scene. It is not known at this point whether he died as a result of his injuries, or as the result of some other reason.

As deputies worked to secure the scene, workers made preparations to clear the debris from the highway and to restore power to those in the vicinity who had been without power following the accident. This meant that the Pacific Coast Highway would be closed for several hours, and some traffic would be rerouted. Workers from the fire department were called to the scene to see that the hydrant would be replaced, since the neighborhood could not be left without fire protection. This is very important for this location, given parts of California’s propensity for fire.

None of clean up could have taken place without the workers from the power company being on the scene to clear the area of the downed power lines. Of course, they also served more than double duty, since they also had to replace those power lines and restore power service to the area. Accidents like this are not common in Staten Island or Westchester.

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