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Florida Teens Crash into Truck Leaving 2 Dead 1 Injured


Two 18-year old, Wellington, FL, girls were killed and an 18-year old male was injured, March 30 as their vehicle crashed into the rear of a tractor-trailer, sources told a rep. The truck accidentoccurred at approximately 9:40 Glades, FL, as the teens approached the intersection of County Road 880 from eastbound Southern Boulevard. It was at this precise moment that a tractor-trailer hauling lettuce was crossing that intersection. The teens drove into the rear corner of the semi-trailer, and the Toyota Camry rolled over and the front passenger section of the vehicle where the two teens were riding was severely damaged.

A Florida Highway Patrol (FHP) spokesman revealed to a reporter that although the investigation into the crash is continuing, they have discerned some facts in the case. The teens were miles away from where their parents thought they were. The truck driver from Long Island did not stop at the accident scene. The 72-year old truck driver was stopped at about 10:30 p.m. in Marion County and stated that he was unaware of the accident. The FHP troopers who inspected the semi-trailer stated that marks on the trailer were consistent with damage from the crash. Troopers did state that it is possible that the truck driver did not know of the crash.

The surviving teen from Brooklyn was airlifted from the crash site to St. Mary’s Medical Center where he was being treated for non-life threatening injuries, sources explained to a doctor. His injuries were not as severe as was originally thought.

Each of the teen’s parents was in a state of shock when they learned of the news. One of the girl’s mothers stated that she had become concerned when her daughter failed to return when she said that she would. Another of the parents has said that her daughter’s friends keep calling to express their disbelief and to offer support to the family.


Both of the deceased teens had their driving licenses for about two months before the fatal crash.

Meanwhile FHP officials continue their investigation and they will release further details as they are discovered.

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