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Head-on Collision with Truck Leaves One Man Dead


A head-on collision on the Pacific Highway in New South Wales (NSW) has left one man dead and a section of the highway in a charred mess. The April 5 accident occurred at about 4 a.m. when the driver of a car chose to pass a tractor-trailer in a no-passing zone. Once the driver had entered the opposite lane on the two-lane highway, he collided head-on with another tractor-trailer that was carrying chemicals.

As a direct result of the head-on collision, the car went beneath the truck and burst into flames. The ensuing fireball almost immediately incinerated both vehicles. At some point during the collision, the driver of the car was thrown from his vehicle. It is believed that the 29-year old died almost immediately, sources explained. The 52-year old truck driver barely escaped with his life, as he was able to escape the burning vehicles just before the tangled mess of metal was consumed by fire. The truck driver was taken to Macksville Hospital where he was treated and was released a short time later.

When first responders arrived at the scene, they were greeted with a situation that no one wants to encounter. Due to the chemicals that the one truck was hauling, firefighters were unable to enter the scene until they were able to determine what chemicals were involved. It is indeed difficult to be forced to stand by and watch a fire burn when you have the tools to extinguish it, but the safety of everyone involved is paramount in any given situation. Once water was made available to the firefighters at the remote location, and they were able to determine how to deal with the chemicals, it still took firefighters at least two hours to extinguish the flames, a fire dept. spokesman told a reporter. Staten island and Westchester have experienced similar kinds of truck accidents and truck crashes.

After Hazmat crews declared the area safe, investigators were able to become more involved into the specifics of what had caused the accident. There were reports from the many truckers on the scene that a vehicle had been driving erratically in the moments leading up to the crash. Authorities have yet to determine if the vehicle that crashed is the vehicle that was being referenced. Their investigation is continuing.

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