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Drive Caused Crash will Receive Ticket


A woman driving her car was involved in a serious traffic accident which left her needing medical treatment, explained a witness. The accident happened because she slammed into the rear of a semi-truck which was close to a construction site. The accident occurred on Thursday morning.

The woman sustained injuries which are not thought to be serious. However, she still required hospital treatment and was taken to the local hospital once the emergency services arrived.

Police told the reporter that the woman would be given a ticket for not slowing down in order to avoid the accident when she is released from hospital.

The accident happened on Interstate 74 in Nassau and Suffolk at around 8:30 in the morning. The driver which was travelling on the westbound carriage way did start slowing down; however, she did not slow down quickly enough in order to avoid hitting into the truck.

The truck was in stop and go traffic on the way up to the construction site. The semi-truck driver didn’t even know that anything hit him. It has been said that she was traveling faster than the speed limit in force for the construction work. Police have used this accident as a reminder to motorists to obey these temporary speed limits. With construction season starting now, there will be many more temporary speed limits on our highways and roads.

Construction zones are marked and drivers are warned about them well in advance. This should be enough to warn drivers to be more careful than normal.

The police have also remaindered motorists never to use their mobile phones to text while driving as this is illegal even if the workers are not present on the site. Many drivers are thought to be getting into accidents because they are reading Facebook, looking at their emails or even watching videos on their phones. Anything like this when driving will be illegal on any trip even if you don’t pass through any construction zones.

The driver will receive a ticket for a $120 fine. Also, if the driver is ever involved in another accident, then she may be required to face a court case to determine whether or not the accident was her fault.

Anyone involved in a truck accident should hire a New York Truck Accident Attorney. A New York Truck Accident Attorney will be able to tell the court about the accident which should reduce any possibility of you being fined or receiving penalty points on your licenses.

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