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Teen Dies in New JerseyTruck Accident


A 16-year old youth died as a result of injuries sustained in a truck accident. The accident occurred March 28 at about 8:30 p.m. As the young man was crossing the street, a recycling truck was making a turn and then struck the youth within moments afterwards. The 54-year old truck driver immediately stopped and dialed 911. When the first responders arrived, they stabilized the youth and then transported him to Newark Wayne Community Hospital. The hospital staff did all that they could to treat the injured teens severe head wounds, but those injuries were too severe. The 16-year old, high school sophomore later died. Accidents like this are rare in The Bronx and Brooklyn.

A police spokesman indicated to a reporter that while their investigation is ongoing, as a result of their investigative efforts thus far they have determined that neither drugs nor alcohol appear to have been a factor. They have also investigated the truck for any indications of mechanical failure, and have found nothing wrong with the truck. The fact that it was dark and the youth was crossing the street outside of a designated crosswalk continues to be looked at. By all indications thus far into the investigation, this appears to have been a tragic accident.

As part of our investigative coverage, a source also learned from the local high school principal, that the entire school in this small community was in a state of shock. As a credit to the local school system, when administrators first learned of the tragedy, they collaborated both internally, and with counselors so they could be prepared to provide assistance to those students who would have questions about the incident. Fortunately, they were prepared and had a staff of counselors available when students returned to class. The principal went on to add that, “He was a student who had a great sense of humor, had a lot of energy and had a lot of friends as a result. We’re all going to miss him very much.”

No charges have been filed against the truck driver, and it does not appear that any charges are warranted in this sad and tragic case.

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