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Bus Swerved Before Crash


During their investigation of the tragic bus accident in the Bronx last weekend, investigators have learned that the bus swerved many times before overturning onto its side and skidding into a pole thereby killing fourteen people, a reporter has learned.

While many of the eyewitness accounts may vary depending on their recollection, most of them attest to the bus having swerved onto the rumble strips that are located on the shoulder of the highway multiple times before the bus crashed, a policeman was told. Rumble strips are placed on the side of the road in order to alert drivers whenever they drive near the edge of the pavement.

The bus driver has stated that the bus was clipped by a tractor-trailer, which caused him to lose control. Investigators have recovered a dash camera that was mounted on the front of the bus, as well as an engine-control module, so they may further investigate what was in front of the bus as well as the bus’ speed and other parameters to assist in their investigation. The engine-control module has been sent to a laboratory in Washington, D.C. The truck driver that is to have allegedly struck the bus has contacted the state police voluntarily and both he and his employer are cooperating with authorities. Authorities have also located both the trailer and the tractor that the bus driver alleges to have clipped the bus, and have taken them both in for analysis.

The bus was returning to New York City following a trip to the Mohegan Sun Casino that is located in eastern Connecticut. It is unknown at this time whether the bus driver had remained awake while his passengers gambled, or if he had gotten a room and rested. Investigators are seeking to discover what the 40-year old bus driver has done within the 72-hours prior to the truck accident, as part of their investigation, and do not yet know whether fatigue played a factor in the crash.

Neither the bus company, nor the driver would comment to a New York Truck Accident Lawyer as of this writing.

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